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  • Nathan Hietela
    Light Service Technician

  • Paul Blomquist

    Job Title: Owner

    Top 5 Strengths: Achiever, Arranger, Activator, Maximizer, Learner

    Education: Hallock High School, B.A. International Business Augsburg College

    Hometown/Current Residence: Hallock, MN

    Hobbies: Travel, Fishing, Investments, Sudoku, Running

    Family: Kristin wife, 2 sons Soren and Finn

    What enjoys about job: the people, both customers and employees. Paul enjoys improving processes, communication and organization and the freedom to spend time with his family. Paul is especially satisfied when he sees employee growth and engagement. He believes that employee satisfaction and engagement is critical and leads to satisfied customers. He realized at a recent Strength's training that the dealership has developed a culture that all employees understand, appreciate and are engaged in their own way. He feels he has accomplished something that he never set out to when he started at the dealership, yet he realized a few years ago that he wanted to accomplish. Paul describes his co-workers as "very caring about customer satisfaction and caring towards one another and thoughtful towards the business. They think of more than themselves. They have a deeper understanding of more than just work and that makes me happy."

    Goals: develop my leaders and continue with the successes we have had to ensure the health of our businesses for the next generations for longevity.

    Fun facts about Paul: Paul describes himself as evolving, motivated, curious, reflective and competitive. He's concerned about the wellbeing of those close to him -- his family, employees, customers and community members. He's motivated to make a difference in his community. He gains satisfaction from growth in himself and others and through healthy relationships. Paul worked as a Page at the State Capitol when he was in high school. He loves a great restaurant experience. He once had hair that he even permed. Paul detailed cars at sister dealership C & M Ford when he was a teenager. He laughs when he tells the story about Myron reprimanding him over the sloppy job he did cleaning cars. From a young age, Paul planned to work in business with a travel or global focus. Paul has run Grandma's Marathon in Duluth and the New York Marathon. The staff warn other employees not to go to lunch with Paul. "He'll either hire you or fire you."

  • Tammy Krohn
    Office Coordinator

  • Jon
    F&I Manager

    Tenure @ RCF: January 2017

    Job Title: Finance and Insurance Manager/Sales

    Top 5 Strengths: Deliberative, Competitive, Adaptability, Analytic and Context

    Education: Central Lakes College in Staples: Machine Tool Technology

    Hometown/Current Residence: Roseau/Roseau

    Hobbies: kids, hunting, fishing and his kids' sports: hockey, baseball and softball.

    Family: Jon married his high school sweetheart Kerri. They have 3 kids: Brock, Thor & Summer.

    Enjoys about job: Jon enjoys his co-workers. He said, "you never know who will be walking through the door." He also enjoys sales and the challenge. He especially enjoyed selling his first service contract.

    Goals: In the short-term, Jon would like to learn his job better. He said, "there's still a lot to learn." In the long-term he'd like to just take things as they happen.

    Fun Facts about Jon: Jon likes all kinds of music. People might be surprised that he listens to big band music, like Frank Sinatra. It takes a while to get to know Jon. He doesn't like to talk about himself. He's introverted and quiet until you get to know him. He gets along with everyone; there aren't many people he doesn't like. Jon is all business. He has worked at a variety of places and jobs, including driving a truck in his family's business.

  • Byron Strand


    Tenure @ RCF: February 2009          

    Job Title: Salesperson

    Top 5 Strengths: Woo, Responsibility, Includer, Positivity, Futuristic

    Education: Rugby High School, B.A. NDSU Agricultural Economics

    Hometown/Current Residence: Rugby, ND/Roseau, MN

    Hobbies: Golfing, hunting, fishing, hockey

    Family: wife Laura, 3 kids Danielle, Jared & Alex

    Enjoys about Job: Byron enjoys meeting people. "You can meet some fantastic people and some doozers." He appreciates that it's something different every day. Of his co-workers, he thinks they are great to work with. They make it easier to do your job. Understanding strengths has helped Byron a lot. When he can't figure things out he knows he can go to a co-worker and they'll help. "It's what you call family. We are always striving to do things better." He's especially satisfied when he hears positive feedback or when customers refer others. "It makes you feel pretty good. Trust doesn't always go hand in hand with car dealerships."

    Goals: Take care of customers, grow his clientele, "I'd love to work here til retirement."

    Fun Facts about Byron: Byron is very caring. He's easygoing. If someone has a problem, they can call him. "I really get a kick out of helping people." Byron has the same routine every morning. He thought he'd be a farmer when he grew up and definitely not a car salesperson. He's a huge AC/DC fan. He loves listening to music on a juke box and he's been known to sing Karaoke when given the opportunity.

  • Lowell Langaas

    Sales Manager

    Tenure at RCF: October 2006

    Job Title: Sales Consultant

    Top 5 Strengths: Harmony, Analytical, Learner, Adaptability, Maximizer

    Education: Greenbush High School

    Hometown/Current Residence: Greenbush/Greenbush, MN

    Hobbies: Collector cars

    Family: wife Becky, 2 adult children - a son and daughter

    Enjoys about job: Lowell enjoys selling cars and finding the right vehicle for the person. He also enjoys the hunt for the vehicle. "You know when you find the right vehicle." Lowell thinks that all his co-workers are good to work with. "I can get along with almost anyone. Everyone is different. No one is going to be the same. You adapt once you realize it is easier."

    Goals: sell more cars

    Fun facts about Lowell: Lowell is quiet, a thinker, hardworking and easygoing. He owned Lowell's Auto Service from 1981-2006. Lowell wanted to build hot rods in the south when he grew up. Paul called Lowell to check on a reference for one of Lowell's employees who applied to work at RCF and in the process hired Lowell, too. Lowell is "pretty open about everything. I like cars. That's pretty much it."

  • Jeff Roth

    Tenure @ RCF: October 2015

    Job Title: Sales and Leadership Support

    Top 5 Strengths: Analytical, Arranger, Belief, Responsibility, Futuristic

    Education: East Grand Forks Senior High, Bemidji State, UND B.A. in Business Administration

    Hometown:/Current Residence: East Grand Forks/Baudette, MN

    Hobbies: Outdoors, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling

    Family: wife Kristi, children Jordan, Quinnley, and Hudson. Dog Skeet

    Enjoys about job: Jeff enjoys talking to people. He likes to start something from the ground up and see it succeed. He gets a sales rush. Jeff thinks his co-workers are sensitive, emotional, comfortable and eager. RCF has a good atmosphere and everyone brings a different energy. Jeff is especially satisfied by what he calls "little wins" that happen all the time - a higher monthly gross, co-workers stepping up, hiring and planning successes. "There's a lot of good going on right now."

    Goals: Jeff's goal is to learn. He said, "I'm a student." He'd like to take on a greater leadership role at work. He also likes results.

    Fun Facts about Jeff: Jeff is family-oriented. He's outgoing and driven, yet relaxed. He doesn't like to plan. He's a risk taker. When Jeff was a child he wanted to work for the DNR when he grew up. Jeff has worked for Alltel, AT&T and Amazon. He was the #1 tennis player in his high school at a time and the best ping pong player at Amazon, even beating an Olympian. Jeff is crazy passionate about the things he does and not short of words. 

  • Mona Dietrich

    Job Title: Office Manager/Comptroller/Accountant

    Top 5 Strengths: Empathy, Developer, Learner, Strategic, Activator

    Education: St. Thomas High School, B.A. Business Mayville State University, Mayville, ND

    Hometown/Current Residence: Aneta, ND/St. Thomas, ND

    Hobbies: floral arranging, needlework, crafter, sewing, reading, grandchildren, Yankees, Celtics

    Family: Husband Bob, 4 grown children -- 3 daughters, 1 son and 10 grandkids

    Enjoys about job: Mona works at both C& M Ford and Roseau County Ford. There is nothing that Mona dislikes about her job. She loves processes and teaching her co-workers. "Paul is an amazing man - so good to work for." Mona praises her conscientious co-workers, too. "We are a team here. It's been that way for quite awhile. Everyone realizes what they do affects someone else." She likes that everyone cares about each other and that they work well together. She believes that it's the same with the customers, too. She's especially satisfied at month end and year end, every day when processes work, and when the light goes on when she's teaching one of her co-workers. All these things make her happy to come to work. 

    Goals: Be here for the duration; see success continue and escalate; help support staff grow

  • Jan Hamilton
    Detail Specialist

    Tenure @RCF: September 2014

    Job Title: Detail Specialist

    Top 5 Strengths: Responsibility, Consistency, Input, Harmony, Empathy

    Education: Cisco High School, Cisco Jr. College, Tarleton State University

    Hometown/Current Residence: Cisco, TX/Greenbush, MN

    Hobbies: Jan loves crafts of all kinds and working with her hands. She likes woodworking, nature, reading, baking and she makes her own laundry soap and hand lotion.

    Family: husband Larry, 2 kids, 2 grandkids, 3 stepchildren and 2 step-grandchildren.

    Enjoys about job: Jan likes to clean. She also likes to take something that is terrible looking and reform it to make it look pretty. Of her co-workers, Jan said they are awesome. "Everyone is so friendly. If I need help all I need to do is ask. I like to do the same for them." Jan is especially satisfied when the customer picks up a clean vehicle and she sees the look on their face.

    Goals: Continue being happily married to Larry. "Live everyday as if it's your last."

    Fun facts about Jan: Jan owned her own business -- a tanning salon, boutique and candle factory -- for 20 years in Ranger, Texas. She ran a day care, cleaned houses and has worked as an assistant administrator of a nursing home, at Dairy Queen in her youth, and at convenience stores. Jan loves to have fun, but she also has a serious side. She cares deeply about her loved ones. She's protective, responsible, friendly and a hard worker. Jan is reserved at first, but easy to talk with. She had cancer and beat it. Jan wanted to be a singer when she grew up, but after getting her tonsils removed her voice changed.

  • Tim Peterson
    Service Manager

    Job Title: Service Manager, Warranty Administrator

    Top 5 Strengths: Achiever, Woo, Communication, Significance, Positivity

    Education: Lancaster High School, NDSU BS in Sports and Urban Turf Grass Management

    Hometown/Current Residence: Lancaster/Lancaster, MN

    Hobbies: Anything that goes fast, racing, cattle, family time

    Family: wife Jami, one son, youngest of 3 - a sister and a brother

    Enjoys about job: Tim works at both C&M Ford and Roseau County Ford. He enjoys finding solutions even when it's crazy at work. It's never the same two days in a row. Tim thinks his co-workers are a little bit of everything - excitable people, quiet people, vocal people. "We all fit together really well. We can't all be the same. We are all pieces of the complete pie." Tim is especially satisfied anytime someone thanks us for getting their vehicle fixed. It leaves him with a sense of satisfaction.

    Goals: "I'm a here and now kind of a person. I want to provide the best life for my family that I can and enjoy coming to work every day."

    Fun facts about Tim: Tim is talkative, level headed, family-oriented and passionate. He wanted to be a farmer or an engineer when he grew up. He has always loved being outside. Tim has worked as an oil changer, a spray and irrigation tech at 3 golf courses, and as a soft goods salesperson. As loud as he is, Tim still enjoys quiet time. According to Tim, his handwriting is a lost cause.

  • Ryan Coons
    Service Manager

    Tenure at RCF: February 2016

    Job Title: Service Writer

    Top 5 Strengths: Includer, Empathy, Developer, Harmony, Consistency

    Education: Northern Cass High School, Recreational Engines Technologies at North Dakota State Science School, Wahpeton, ND

    Hometown/Current Residence: Argusville, ND/Warroad, MN

    Hobbies: Hunting, fishing

    Family: wife Samantha, 2 daughters

    Enjoys about job: Every day is a challenge. He enjoys interacting with people. Of his co-workers, Ryan finds them easy to work with and they "are more than willing to answer questions or help." Ryan is especially satisfied when he can help customers. He appreciates working in a small town dealership that is flexible and accommodates people, like providing loaner vehicles or going the extra mile to fix a vehicle quickly.

    Goals: improve at job and learn

    Fun facts about Ryan: Ryan likes people and he isn't afraid to work. Ryan came in to get new tires for his wife's vehicle and he ended up with a new job. Ryan has an exceptional dog -- a yellow lab/golden retriever named Lucy. He has worked at Marvin's, for Pepsi as a vending technician, in a casino and for a sporting goods company.

  • Myron Monsrud

    Parts Manager

    Tenure @ RCF: May 2013

    Job Title: Parts Manager

    Top 5 Strengths: Arranger, Activator, Maximizer, Connectedness, Strategic

    Education: Badger High School

    Hometown/Current Residence: Badger, MN/Roseau, MN

    Hobbies: guitar, fishing, tinkering around the house

    Family: wife, 3 children, 1 grandchild

    Enjoys about job: Myron enjoys the diversity, the people who he works with, and the atmosphere in general. He enjoys working with everyone. "They all do their part to make sure the job gets done." He's especially satisfied when customers are happy with the work.

    Goals: Myron's goal is to maintain a profitable parts business. He'd also like to finish his home.

    Fun facts about Myron: Myron is laid back and easygoing. He is renovating the farm house he grew up in. He lived in Florida for many years and worked as a handyman, in sales for major appliances for new construction, shoes, and boats, and as a licensed glazer for glass and mirrors. Myron wanted to be an executive or a "man in a suit" when he grew up, but when he tried it he realized he didn't like it. Myron was a twin and he came from a large family of 13 kids.

  • Beau Jenson

    Service Tech

    Tenure @ RCF: July 2007

    Job Title: Service Technician

    Top 5 Strengths: Responsibility, Learner, Achiever, Ideation, Relator

    Education: Roseau High School, WyoTech, Laramie, Wyoming Automotive Technology Program

    Hometown/Current Residence: Badger/Badger, MN

    Hobbies: Snowmobiling, 4-wheeling, hunting, fishing, kids

    Family: wife Amber, kids Wyatt, Carter, Sawyer

    Enjoys about Job: Beau enjoys the people who he works with, the atmosphere and the challenge of finding the problem. He says they are a "tight group now." Beau is especially satisfied when he can diagnose electrical issues. He likes the challenging situations, but he thinks "easy ones are fun, too. Sometimes customers think the world is ending, but it's an easy problem to solve. It doesn't cost anything and they are as happy as could be."

    Goals: Beau would like to farm on a small scale, in addition to working at RCF.

    Fun facts about Beau: In high school, Beau rode bulls in rodeos. After schooling, he worked for an independent shop in Alexandria for two years. He has also farmed.

  • Harold Jackson
    Service Tech

    Tenure @RCF: October 2015

    Job Title: Service Technician

    Top 5 Strengths: Achiever, Responsibility, Developer, Empathy, Harmony

    Education: Collinwood High School, Vo-tech classes in high school

    Hometown/Current Residence: Collinwood, TN/Roseau, MN

    Hobbies: Video gaming, model cars, mechanical work like fixing lawn mowers and snow blowers

    Family: daughter and son, girlfriend Ashley

    Enjoys about Job: Alan hasn't had a bad day since he started working at RCF. He enjoys his job and says his co-workers are a "bunch of good people." They joke and cut up in the shop, get along well and if you have questions they will help you out to get the job done. He loves to wrench and he's good with his hands. He likes learning something every day and taking on the hardest job available. He tries to do a good job and isn't satisfied until he feels that he has.

    Goals: Alan would like to stay at RCF. He would like to become certified after getting his GED.

    Fun facts about Alan: Alan's real name is Harold, but the only time he's called that is when his mom is mad at him. He is outgoing, determined and a likeable person. Alan has worked for Polaris, Strom Engineering and ran a water bottling plant. He's also worked as a mechanic, moved motor homes, driven fork lifts and worked in logging and hydrology. He wanted to be a football player when he grew up. He likes to cook, is a jokester and enjoys making people smile or laugh.

  • Greg Laskeski
    Maintenance and Light Repair Technician

    Tenure @ RCF: March 2017

    Job Title: Light Duty Mechanic

    Top 5 Strengths: Responsibility, Deliberative, Ideation, Context, Adaptability

    Education: Roseau High School, AVTI in Thief River Falls for Auto Mechanics 2-year program; various course through Polaris

    Hometown/Current Residence: Greenbush and Roseau/ Salol

    Hobbies: Restoring vehicles, grandchildren

    Family: Wife Lori and 3 grown step daughters, 8 grandchildren

    Enjoys about job: I like to learn new things. Of his co-workers he said, "the crew is great. I'm learning a lot from them. We work well together. No one fights."

    Goals: Greg would like to retire in 7 years or less, but he'd like to work part-time afterwards. He's planning a cruise to Hawaii with his wife Lori and he wants to spend time at the lake.

    Fun facts about Greg: Greg is easy going. He likes to learn, but he's not a book person. He's a hands-on learner. Greg did not want to be a gardener or raise cows when he grew up. His daughter and son-in-law race snowmobiles. He has a sweet tooth that he inherited from his mother. He ended up at Roseau County Ford after hearing an ad for the job opening on the radio. His wife heard the same ad. When he got home, she told him about it and suggested he apply, but he already had.

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